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Handling of private information

1. Our company’s basic stance toward private information is one of honoring the general import of the Private Information Protection Law.
In order to comply with those regulations, we have created and implemented private information protection directives and a compliance program.

2. Regarding collection of private information from customers sending inquiries to our company,
we collect the customer’s name address, telephone number, etc. for the purpose of recording and managing the contents of the inquiry in response to said inquiries. Please be aware that this information will only be used for those purposes. In the case of telephone inquiries, we may record such inquiries in order to insure accuracy in our response.

3. Regarding measures to protect private information,
in the case of private information collected from customers, this information is strictly managed in accordance with our compliance program. We also carry out training and enlightenment programs for our staff regarding protection of private information in order to insure the best possible management of that information.

4. As for supply of private data to third parties,
other than the cases listed below, no private information will be supplied to said third parties:
(a) When there is the agreement of the party providing the information,
(b) When it is necessary to cooperate with execution of operations that are legally stipulated by national organizations or local public authorities,
(c) When revealing information to required subcontracting parties.

5. If agreement is not obtained regarding said handling,
it will be considered that private information of customers has been supplied according to the will of the party in question. If it is not possible for customers to give their private information, there may be cases where we can not respond to the inquiry.

6. In case of requests for disclosure, amendments,
addition or removal of private information of customers in our possession, as a general rule, we will respond to such requests to a reasonable degree, but only in the case of the requests from the parties who are the information subjects.

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